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Unparallel Lyra

  • Brands Unparallel
  • Product Code: 1200067
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The Lyra climbing shoe from Unparallel has all-round high-performance and comfort with an aggressive downturned last that excels on overhanging and edgy routes making it perfect for technical boulder, sports projects, and pushing the grades at the gym. 

Constructed with a lined synthetic upper the Lyra fits right out of the box, without a traditional break-in period - and ensuring minimal stretch and lasting comfort. The Lyra has a medium stiffness midsole that supports the foot on tiny edges but has just the right amount of flex to lock into smears and conform to a volume. The Unparallel shoe is covered in 3.5mm RS rubber with wrap over randing for precise toe hooks and maximum grip anything from microscopic nubbins to volumes, so you can cruise up technical terrain with total confidence. 

The shoes are constructed with a downturned profile which comfortably encourages your toes into a hooked position. The warp over randing covers half of the toe box while the shaping of the heel drives power to the toes and doesn't slip off during aggressive and technical toe or heel hooks. The V-shaped Velcro strap combines the precision tightening of laces with the ease of Velcro, pulling the snug and eliminating hotspots. 

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